Kathleen Carter


Kathleen has lived in Dallas all of her life. And animals hold a very special place in her heart. She walks the walk: she works in a vet’s office and pet-sits for clients all over town. Chances are, if Kathleen pet-sits for you that she is in love with your critter almost as much as you are. In her spare time, with what little there is, she is quite simply…a giver. Of her heart and of her time. To friends and family – and anyone who needs a shoulder to lean on – Kathleen is an invaluable asset. That need to give and share emotionally with others is what brought her to her first cuddle party.

“Being a facilitator in training, I have seen cuddle parties change people’s lives – and I’m looking forward to helping people learn the disciplined skills that can help improve the quality of their lives – by leading workshops that create a safe space to help people feel open, valued and nurtured.”

Cuddling is an educational experience that is first and foremost about the need to connect with others in a safe and light-hearted way. Each cuddle party begins with a welcome circle discussion of rules, boundaries – and even a few games. For more information, contact Kathleen.

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