Kimberly Beroset


Kimberly Beroset, MBA, MA, RYT, is a somatic educator, business coach, Cuddle Party Facilitator in training and community catalyst. Kimberly’s intro to somatic education began in 2004 when she moved to the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy immediately after receiving her MBA from the University at Buffalo. In the last decade, she has facilitated various holistic movement modalities and completed certifications in Trance Dance, JourneyDance, Let Your Yoga Dance, Nia, Zumba, YogaEd, Laughter Yoga, Ananda Yoga, and Phoenix Rising Yoga. In 2008, she received her MA from Goddard College in Health Arts and Sciences, with a concentration in Somatic and Contemplative Movement. Kimberly’s master’s thesis culminated in the creation of Yoga for Curvy Figures, yoga education for fuller figured women and the yoga teachers that guide them. Kimberly is finishing requirements to register as an RSME with ISMETA and is in the final mentorship phase to obtain the Leven Institute’s Somatic Expressive Therapy certification.

Kimberly believes that dance, yoga and the expressive arts can assist us in remembering our true, peaceful nature and support our healing process. Whether leading conscious dance class or facilitating a somatic education workshop, Kimberly infuses her offerings with sensuality and somatic awareness. She encourages students to surrender to the movement, to intuition and to sensation, without judgment, and invites them to experience the body as HOME. Although extensively educated, Kimberly believes that personal experience is more valuable than method. Thus, Kimberly facilitates from her own somatic discovery process and creates opportunities for others to make their own unique, embodied discoveries. She holds safe space for students to explore their core aliveness and child like spontaneity through movement, in addition to wounds and traumas. When she’s not rocking out the dance floor, you can find Kimberly assisting busy wellness entrepreneurs growing, managing and organizing their businesses through marketing, social media, community and program development, events, business planning, leadership and team building. Kimberly is also Reiki Master/Trainer and is a Cuddle Party Facilitator-In-Training.


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